Here is a small selection of 2D works (painting, drawing and monoprint) that are complete works as they are which also serve as raw material to select from when creating various digital “re-mixes”. The re-mixes are new imaginings of pre-existent work. I’ve found tremendous satisfaction in taking parts of my drawings, paintings and prints to re-assemble into new compositions using Photoshop. This provides me with endless new solutions and expressions I hadn’t considered when physically creating the originals. I can foresee a time when, in old age, with a computer I’ll be able to create infinite variations from my life’s work using only a computer and mouse pad.

  • Monoprint Monoprint Monoprint, 2012
  • Monoprint Monoprint Monoprint, 2012
  • Acrylic on panel Acrylic on panel Acrylic on panel, 2012